Is this business for sale?

Hi Redditors, I've been following this page for a while but I've found myself in a position where I can really get an answer. I hope you guys will shed some light. So today I've put on my big boy pants and payed off my personal loan (Hurray!) BUT some of my friends have quickly jumped in Mr and called me an idiot. For context: I had £9.2k to pay for the next 3 years with around 9.6% interest. With the current situation, my girlfriend and I decided to postpone getting a mortgage by another year to year and a half. In that time I'll be able to save up the money again and be back to where I was today (money in savings) in about 15-16 months. I didn't drain my savings, and I have enough for emergencies (about 3 months wages). Now, some people said that it's a brilliant decisions and other told me that I have ruined my credit score and can forget about getting a mortgage in the next couple of years. Some of them think they're experts in everything and I need to take their advice with a giant rock of salt (pinch wouldn't be enough). I'd appreciate if you have any knowledge either through work or personal experiences and could shed some light on this for me. Thanks a lot in advance.